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Criminal Defense Attorney in East Orange, NJ

What Criminal Law Involves

This branch of the law covers the bulk of the severe issues in society, such as, robbery, rape, murder, theft, assault, traffic violation, drug offense, and driving under the influence (DUI).

Crimes are majorly classified as felony and misdemeanor. The difference between the two classes of crimes is in the penalty and the power of imprisonment. While a misdemeanor is a crime that is not very serious, a felony is a serious crime such as robbery, murder, and rape.

Misdemeanors frequently attract punishment like a fine or jail of a year or less while felonies attract prison sentences. Criminal law is the body of laws that describes criminal offenses, regulates the arrest, charging, and prosecution of suspected persons, and determines penalties and forms of treatment suitable for condemned offenders. Criminal law is one of the most notorious areas of law because it keeps the justice system ticking. It covers quite a large part of law or offenses from minor crimes like misdemeanors. In criminal law, it is the federal or state government that brings up the prosecution of charges.

Who is a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Are you charged with a criminal offense and you are looking at some time in prison or penalties? Do you need the services of a criminal defense lawyer?

Fight Against Your Charges

A criminal defense lawyer is a trained and qualified lawyer that specializes in criminal law. It is expected of a good criminal defense lawyer to have a broad knowledge and experience in criminal law and cases that relate to that branch of the law in order to offer the best services possible to their clients, the defendants.

Why Do You Need a Criminal Lawyer?

When you are facing criminal prosecution, in most cases, it is advisable to hire a defense lawyer. Although the services of a criminal defense lawyer are many, below are some of the reasons you should hire one to stand for you.

  1. The criminal defense lawyer will counsel you on diverse approaches and arguments, which can be presented including their benefits and drawbacks.

  2. A criminal defense lawyer can help you get a temporary release through bail; negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce your charges, and inform you of your rights.

  3. Your defense lawyer will present all necessary evidence to refute the prosecutor’s arguments and content all doubtful allegations.

Criminal law is very complex; so, if you are being prosecuted for a crime, hire a qualified criminal defense lawyer.